Kidney stone treatment by Flexible Ureteroscopy / RIRS
No Hole, No Cut, Day care procedure, Safest way for removal of Kidney Stones

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 Kidney stone treatment in delhi by RIRS



Why RP Stone clinic for kidney stones?

  R P Stone Clinic is a Pioneer Centre for removal of kidney  
   stone by  RIRS in India

  R P Stone Clinic s is fully equipped with latest state of the art
    equipment  and operation theatre:

Several Semi-rigid Ureteroscopes (Richard Wolf & Karl Storz)

Suction Ureterorenoscope designed by Dr. Pawan Gupta
   (Richard Wolf)

Several Flexible Ureteroscopes
        Cobra from Richard Wolf
        Viper from Richard Wolf
        URF P6 from Olympus
        Flex X2 from Karl Storz

Tipless Baskets , Access Sheaths & Wires from Cook Medical.
Holmium Lasers (Richard Wolf, Direx & Lumenis)

The clinic has fully furnished, air conditioned rooms with separate bathrooms
  Why Flexible Ureteroscopy / Retrograde Intra renal surgery (RIRS) for kidney stones ?
  • Natural hole surgery
  • No cut or no artificial hole is made on the patients body
  • The whole procedure is performed through normal urinary tract.
  • A day care procedure
  • Retrograde Intra renal surgery (RIRS)/ flexible  Ureteroscopy has minimal complications.
  • Can be safely done in patients with compromised renal function
  • Is feasible in obese patients and anomalous kidney
  • Is safe in patients with bleeding diathesis


Majority of Kidney stones are removed by
RIRS ( Flexible/ Ureteroscopy / Retrograde Intra renal surgery ) at R P Stone Clinic


The clinic has conducted Three National and International workshops on flexible 
Ureteroscopy / RIRS in year 1998, 2011 & 2012

 RIRS in delhi by DR PAWAN GUPTA

Welcome to R.P Stone Clinic

Dr.Pawan Kumar Gupta single handedly revolutionized the treatment of Urinary Tract & kidney Stones in Haryana, India by introducing the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, Percutaneous Surgery of Kidney Stones & Ureterorenoscopy with Holmium:Yag laser lithotripsy in the nineties.

Know about Kidney Stone Treatment

Kidney stone treatment has seen dramatic changes in last three decades. Open Kidney Stone Surgery was replaced by Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy & Percutaneous Surgery of Kidney Stones in Nineteen eighties & the incidence of Open Kidney Stone Surgery was reduced to 1 to 2 %. Similarly Open Surgery for Ureteric Stones was replaced by rigid Ureteroscopy. RIRS is now in the process of replacing rest of the modalities for the treatment of Kidney Stone disease.

How to Prevent Kidney Stone?

Drink plenty of fluids so as to  produce more than 2 
   litres of urine everyday.
Avoid non vegetarian diet.
Take low salt diet
Avoid high oxalate diet (green leafy vegetables,
   chocolates & nuts etc.)
Take plenty of orange juice and lemonade.
There are number of other measures which can be
   used to prevent kidney stone formation in different
   types of patients


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